Introducing our newest member, Suma Wholefoods

Suma Wholefoods, distributor of over 7,000 vegetarian and eco-friendly products, has joined FWD as a full wholesaler member.

As a 100% vegetarian wholesaler driven by its ethical policy, the co-operative has strict requirements from suppliers around ingredients, sourcing and the environmental impact of their product range. Their turnover of £50 million in 2016 includes £12 million in own brand products.

 Set up 40 years ago as a worker co-operative, Suma has no chief executive or managing director, with decisions made at regular general meetings and implemented by an elected management committee. Employees are all paid the same wage and all enjoy an equal voice and an equal stake in the success of the business. The 166 members of the co-operative are encouraged to perform more than one role within the business, to broaden their skills base and create a flexible and adaptable workforce. 

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