Think like a wholesaler: free seminar for supplier members on marketing to the wholesale channel

The wholesale route to market is a unique challenge and opportunity for brand owners. Influencing 400,000 points of sale requires a specific approach, but the return rewards the investment.

FWD's How to Win in Marketing to Wholesale session looks at successful initiatives which have driven NPD and promotions through wholesale to the retailer or caterer, and on to the consumer. We look at the goals of wholesalers and their customers, and explore the most efficient and effective ways to ensure your brands are at the front of their minds.

Next Session: September 27, Costco Watford 10.00am - 2.00pm


Engaging wholesalers and their customers

What works online, in print and in depot 

Customer feedback - what influences purchasing decisions

Successful supplier / wholesaler partnerships and plans

New research - how chefs and catering managers shop online

Meet the media - journalists reveal what they look for in a release

Meet the members - FWD wholesalers give advice on working with the channel

Introduction to Costco and how to get a listing

Tour of the warehouse and lunch

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