Coming our way: the legislative challenges for wholesale in 2018

The last two years have been an unprecedented series of political events in the UK which few would have predicted at the start of 2015. Two general elections, a referendum result which will radically change the UK, a Conservative majority Government, the election of a far left Labour leader, and now a Conservative minority Government lurching from one crisis to the next. And that’s not even mentioning Donald Trump. By the time you read this who knows what will have happened next?

As an upshot all of these changes the pace of regulation in the UK has been slowed down, not least because the Government is focused almost exclusively on working out the terms of the UK’s European Union exit. Nevertheless 2018 promises some changes which will affect wholesalers’ ability to serve their customers. At FWD our role is to defend and protect our members’ business interests against those political, policy and regulatory threats, and be a credible voice at the centre of any debate.

Let’s have a look at some of these and assess what the impacts will be.

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