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Customer Insight

We put shoppers at the heart of everything we do. Joining businesses together with the strength of world class shopper research and insights.
Our team of shopper experts & consultants help our clients from manufacturers, retailers, foodservice operators and wholesalers to grow their knowledge of shopper behaviours and attitudes, in order to ensure that they place shoppers at the heart of everything they do.

We speak to over 100,000 shoppers and business owners each and every year, both within the UK and internationally and it’s this wealth of knowledge, alongside the many years of experience within the team, that allows us to inform our clients on shopper behaviours and attitudes.
For more than 50 years we have been capturing shopper behaviour research across various grocery routes to market – high street retailers and wholesalers. Our selection of products offer fantastic value for money and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements
We have a team of research and insight experts and market leading fieldwork partners to bring you bespoke research solutions that deliver on your business objectives and our team of account managers are experienced in helping you turn the insights into actions.

Our team of industry experts understand what makes shoppers tick. We work with you and your business to turn insight into action and support you on your journey to success. Rather than simply provide you with a series of charts and data we understand that it’s much more important to establish the ‘so what’ and uncover how shopper insights can better inform your business decisions and growth strategies

10 Ely Place, London, EC1N 6RY

0207 611 0407


Data and Insight

CGA is the data and research consultancy of choice for the out-of-home food and drinks market, specialising in market measurement, consumer research and location planning.

What sets CGA apart is its unique ability to access the three key types of data (supply, demand and consumer) and then triangulate this data to provide the most complete and accurate picture of anyone in the out-of-home sector.

From its offices in Manchester, United Kingdom, and Chicago, United States, CGA experts work with many of the world’s biggest consumer brands, including drinks manufacturers, consumer brand owners, food suppliers and wholesalers as well as pub, bar and restaurant retailers and government entities.

Founded in 1992, CGA’s mission is to use its phenomenal data and expert insight of the leisure industry to give these brands the competitive edge, and get them where they want to be, faster.

To learn more, visit:

Data Management and IT Services

For innovative, market-leading data management, and bespoke technology services, FWD members need look no further than TWC (The Whole Sale Company) which has over 40 years’ knowledge and experience in Wholesale, Foodservice, Retail, Buying Groups and Convenience.  With a service based on trust, empathy and expert knowledge, TWC has a unique reputation for delivering transformative business results and opening up new and profitable revenue streams for its clients by leveraging the power of their data.

Delivering cutting edge sales out data solutions and customer facing apps, TWC promises to make data sing, by harnessing sales data, insight and smart technologies to support upsell and growth.   For information or an informal chat around the service TWC can offer you, please contact

Tanya Pepin
Tel: 01908 920 602
Email: [email protected]


Digital Product Content

Nielsen Brandbank is one of the world’s most trusted providers of digital product content for ecommerce sites, mobile shoppings app and virtual merchandising applications. We create high quality, accurate product content that fuels ecommerce success for our customers, while creating a rich online shopping experience. With over 20 years experience Nielsen Brandbank operates in 16 countries and distributes over 50 million digital product assets annually across the world. Nielsen Brandbank is the behind-the-scenes content partner to brands, retailers and wholesalers across the globe, creating and publishing content to meet consumer, industry and regulatory expectations.

Andrew King
0330 555 33 44



The most successful businesses globally invest heavily in their people – to help attract and retain top talent to ensure their business keeps ahead of the competition. At the end of the day, the best teams usually win, in most things in life.  But training has historically been quite costly, time consuming, mundane, with questionable effectiveness – until now.

Bolt’s solution of quality e-learning delivered via a high end digital platform has taken the convenience and wholesale market by storm – in the last 12 months, Lifestyle Express, The Todays Group, Parfetts, JJ Foodservice, James Convenience Retail, MRH Forecourts, Sewells, McColls and David’s Kitchen have all started working with Bolt.  Should you not join them?  Whether it is for your new starters, or existing colleagues, working in the wholesale sector, training can help ensure they – and you – remain compliant, but also greatly assist with induction, on-boarding, product knowledge, NPD launches, selling skills, managing people, leading teams – vital skills to keep your people engaged and motivated, as well as compliant.

For more information, please contact:

Tel: 07802 336 333
Email: [email protected] 
Twitter: @boltlearning



The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP) is the UK’s leading provider of easy to user EPoS to the convenience sector. Our ShopMate EPoS system not only takes the hard work out of EPoS but also saves retailers hundreds of pounds a year with its automatic wholesaler price and promotion updates. ShopMate’s suite of reporting tools and our insights service not only inform our customers of their business performance but give them the edge over their competitors with regional and national comparisons on turnover, footfall, basket size and best sellers.

The wealth of data produced by our estate of nearly 3,000 stores throughout the UK also allows us to work with our wholesale and brand partners to create a meaningful understanding of the convenience market, more important than ever in these interesting times.

If you would like to find out more about our EPoS and data innovations, email [email protected] or visit


Portland Fuel helps wholesalers and suppliers to manage their fuel costs.

Portland Pricing

  • Drive a better deal with your bulk fuel / fuel card suppliers by having visibility of the premiums being charged
  • Know when to buy fuel and when to wait, taking advantage of market movements
  • Daily information from just £23.75 + VAT per month (FWD discount) – this can save you £000’s annually

Portland Fuel Cards

  • Take a competitive weekly fuel card price, or have a totally fixed pence per litre price locked in for up to 12 months
  • No minimum time periods, volumes or transaction fees
  • 3 UK networks available with national coverage

Portland Fuel Price Protection

  • Determine precisely what your wholesale fuel costs will be, by fixing them for 1 to 12 months
  • Lock in your fuel budget with zero fees and reduce the impact of unpredictable fuel prices
  • Option to keep your physical fuel supply arrangements as they are, or have Portland deliver the fuel to you

Portland Analytics

  • We show where and how savings can be made in your fuel purchasing
  • Average saving £50,000 per year, or 1.25 pence on every litre


Jon Rosenthal – Sales Director
Tel: 01904 570021
Mobile: 07787 578928
Email: [email protected]



Marketing, media and PR

The Bright Media Agency is a full-service content agency that delivers content with genuine impact, helping you to directly connect with your audience.

Whether you want to tell the world about your products, services or business, we can create attention-grabbing content to really shout about what matters most. Whether you want online content for your audience to consume on the go, a print title that wins over their hearts and minds, or an app that delivers everything they need in one quick hit, we’ll create a solution that works for you.

Our highly experienced team of editorial, design and digital specialists have worked with tonnes of top companies, including Sky, Tesco and the NHS among others. We also have considerable experience in the wholesale, retail and foodservice industry, including being the publisher of the new-look Wholesale News, and we have a long track record of delivering award-winning work for happy clients. This includes generating content for print media and digital platforms, PR, design and advertising.

Every business is different so we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. To explore how you can benefit from a sprinkle of our expertise, get in touch by emailing [email protected] or call us on 0116 296 0200.



Mobile App Consultancy

RNF have been working with the wholesale sector since 2014 and are the only specialist wholesale app developer in the UK. We launched the sector’s very first mobile ordering app for Bestway Wholesale in 2014 and since that time we’ve built our understanding and expertise ensuring our clients can maximise returns from mobile technology. We now work with multiple businesses from within the sector and have launched numerous apps.

We offer a range of solutions for FWD members from bespoke apps through to off-the-shelf white label solutions. All RNF apps come with our bespoke mobile customer engagement platform BEAM built in. The platform has 3 main functions.

  1. Mobile Marketing – campaigns can be made up of a mix of text, simple push notifications and rich push notifications (jpegs, video etc.). Once messages have been sent live results are pulled into the platform showing send, open and action rates.
  2. In-App Product Management – wholesalers can create banners, interstitial ads, ‘new products’, ‘related products’, ‘featured products’ and ‘trending products’. Many of our clients are selling these ‘ad’ spaces to their suppliers and creating an additional revenue stream.
  3. Business Intelligence – enabling wholesalers to learn from campaigns and increase ROI.


Ed Austin – Business Development Manager 

Tel: 01926 676 145



Sales Data

SalesOut help FMCG manufacturers delve into the data of their Out of Home Sales.

Complex data is made simple so our customers can focus on the business decisions that really matter.

This year we will launch our new visualisation platform, Unify. The aim of this is to help you to see your data and use it effectively to deliver business growth.

SalesOut Unify is our new data visualisation platform developed in partnership with IRI, to make analysis easy. You will be able to visualise, enhance and centralise your data to meet your business needs.

Whether you want to track distribution, understand sales performance or identify new ways you can grow sales, this platform will help save you time. With SalesOut Unify, you can access insights from different devices including your PC, iPad or other tablet. Everyone gets the right information whenever and wherever they need it, so your team can focus on the tasks which really matter.

Take a look at the Unify video to see how we could help you to visualise how your products are performing at

Our contact the team 01327 856080 or [email protected]


Supply Chain Software

For over 40 years BCP has been delivering cost effective supply chain solutions to wholesalers across the UK. We have gained significant insights in to the challenges these businesses face and work in partnership with our customers to help them compete in today’s fast paced digital world.

Our Accord and Oporteo systems have been carefully developed to meet the needs of wholesalers throughout the supply chain. From buying and warehouse management through to finance and ecommerce. They are designed to be flexible, so you can build a system which meets your specific needs.

Whether you want to maximise your efficiency or reduce operational costs, we will have the answer for you.


Technology Solutions

STL Technology Solutions provides the latest digital advantages to the delivered wholesale, cash & carry, and foodservice industry. Steered by experienced sector experts, it continuously innovates to increase clients’ efficiency, decision-making and profits.

Solutions include:

  • Mobile ordering app
  • POS and payment management
  • Warehouse management
  • Merchandise management
  • Sales order processing
  • Hands-free RF picking
  • Route planning
  • Business intelligence

They are also available as a cloud-based service, for optimum resilience, security, back-up, flexibility and maintenance responsiveness.

All STL solutions are developed on the open, flexible Microsoft platform, making them easy and cost-effective to install, integrate, customise and use. This platform’s continuous evolution also brings users the latest IT capabilities, maximising their options for the future – and making STL a really sound investment.

STL also offers a full suite of support services, including:

  • Best-practice process planning
  • Remote server monitoring to pre-empt brewing system issues
  • Software security/anti-virus management
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Online card payment support
  • Customer enquiry management – a single point of enquiry for multi-outlet operators with multi-vendor networks, facilitating swift resolution.

With all this, it is not surprising that many of the UK’s top wholesalers are committed to STL, including Dhamecha, Jones Food Solutions, Stax Trade Centres and United Wholesale Scotland.

New Thinking. New Solutions.


Tel: 03333 207 101

Email: [email protected]