FWD Gold Medals



The 2018 Gold Medal awards will be presented November 29 at Old Billingsgate, London.

Entries open in July.

Here's last year's winners - well done to all of them!




Gold Medal Young Wholesaler of the Year


John Goulding, AG Parfett & Sons, Sheffield



Our winner has come a long way since joining his company in a part-time role while at university. His vision, leadership and application has transformed the depot where he works. In the last 12 months he has implemented a delivered service, lifting the depot from a sluggish cash and carry to a 24-hour operation meeting the needs of customers. He’s brought the staff with him through the changes and the results are a £300,000 a week delivery service and bonuses for the entire team. With the cash and carry also picking up it’s a fine example of how a committed young wholesale leader can drive the evolution of their business, and the entire wholesale channel


David King, Bidfood

Chris Roberts, Pricecheck


Gold Medal Cash & Carry Manager


Jim Campbell, Costco, Gateshead



Jim has made a dramatic impact in his short time at Gateshead, growing sales by 13% and profits by 10%. He’s taken the warehouse from the bottom of Costco’s performance league to mid-table respectability and delivered one of the estate’s largest increases in footfall, with 5000 new customers added this year. He has re-merchandised the warehouse and introduced a Scottish influence including a new line of caramel cake which added £65,000 of sales in just 10 months.


Eugene Mulroy, Batleys, Liverpool

Gurinder Gill, SK Food & Drinks, Birmingham


Gold Medal Delivered Depot Manager


John Tweed, John Mower & Co, Spitalbrook



John has helped to drive a 14% increase in sales and grow the customer base by 10%, with a new online ordering system and one-to-one advice clinics for customers. He’s overseen investment into a new vehicle fleet and upskilling employees, and introduced tracking software which measures productivity and rewards staff with bonuses for exceeding targets.


Anton Jones, Batleys, Southampton

Chris Walkden, Bidfood, Basingstoke


Gold Medal Depot Team

   Imperial Cash & Carry, Edmonton

Teamwork is the key to a 12% increase in turnover at the Edmonton drinks specialist. The team have translated suppliers’ POS into different languages and taught customers to use social media in their businesses. Between them they dream up original ways to inject fun and excitement into the shopping experience, and they’ve extended their working day to meet customers’ needs. This year every team member took part in charity events which raised £30,000 for three deserving causes.


Batleys, Glasgow

Bidfood, Bicester


Gold Medal Depot Team Member


Joan Mannering, Booker, Liverpool



Joan has worked in her branch for almost 40 years, many of them on the reception desk. She knows all her customers and their families, she understands their businesses and knows what they buy. With all her experience she’s the team’s go-to person for advice and expertise and even during recent redevelopment works she’s been the same reliable, smiling face that greets the customers every day.


Kamil Blazejewicz, Booker, Slough

Dawn Lyczak, Wm Yule & Son


Gold Medal Customer Support


Jeff Robson, Hunt’s Foodservice, Sherborne



Jeff started life at Hunts as a telesales executive 10 years ago and now as an account manager he’s responsible for growing 150 customer’s businesses, including the Glastonbury Festival’s staff catering. He’s grown his area from £750,000 to £2.3m, with year on year profit up £122,000. he’s so popular with his customers that some say they will only trade with Hunt’s if it’s Jeff on the end of the phone.


Helen Nattrass, Caterite, Cumbria

Ben Logan, Creed Foodservice, Cheltenham


Gold Medal Delivered Wholesale Driver


Alan Wood, Bidfood, Gateshead



No one epitomises the driver’s role as the face of the company better than Alan. Visiting 80 customers on some of the most challenging routes in the North East, he delivers 600 cases everyday, and even famously carried his delivery a mile across Durham city centre after road closures prevented him getting to a customer. He’s been known to help colleagues out with their drop-offs after his own working day is over.


Lee Barton, Creed Foodservice, Cheltenham

Mark McDonald, Booker, Inverness


Gold Medal Telesales Executive


Janis Lackey, Bidfood, Battersea



Janis is descried by one of her customers as “simply the best”. Her ledger has grown by 17% in a year and that’s down to her excellent rapport with her customers and her tireless efforts to support and nurture them.  She knows her customers’ personal lives as well as their businesses, and the judges were blown away by the stories of the many times she’s moved heaven and earth to put the customer first.


Adelaide MacConnell, Henderson Foodservice, Newtownabbey

Lucy Zanetti, AG Parfett & Sons, Stockport


Gold Medal Wholesaler Service to Retailers


Landmark Wholesale



In the last 12 months Landmark has strengthened its support for retailers with the introduction of the online Lifestyle Learning Academy, the Core Range Category Education and Rewards project, and the premium grey fascia. The Core Range compliance plan has achieved £29.6m in additional sales for retailers.


Bestway Wholesale

Savage & Whitten


Gold Medal Wholesale Service to Caterers


Birchall Foodservice



Birchall’s has built its strategy on delivering a better experience for the caterer. Field sales, telesales and drivers all play a huge part in personalising service for each customer, and this year has seen the introduction of three new information brochures, and hosted events in the new Development Kitchen Facility.




Gold Medal Digital Innovation


JJ Food Service



A second consecutive win in this category for the JJ team, who have this year introduced the industry’s first fingerprint ID authentification, and a One Click Pay option among developments which have improved security for customers and reduced shopping times by 30%. The JJ App has been downloaded more than 25,000 times and new Foodit features have increased sales by 25%.


RD John Foodservice

Palmer & Harvey


Green Wholesaler of theYear


Judge Silvana Centty says Booker’s submission demonstrated an excellent strategy across the business to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impacts from the supplier to the consumer. They have a good programme to manage their food waste, and support the charity they are working with on this project. They work with customers to support them in reducing their energy consumption.


Palmer and Harvey


Young Supplier of the Year

Chris Leek, Ab InBev

Still only 30 years old, our winner has been with their company for nine years. Over the last 12 months this person has developed strong relationships across the independent wholesale estate, developing a team working with buying group members and delivering volume growth and KPI delivery. Our winner also delivered successful promotional campaigns in retail around the launch of a major new product. He’s part of his company’s internal talent programme and he himself mentors three junior colleagues.


Paul Brennan, Britvic

Alice Gheissari, Coca-Cola European Partners

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