Supplier Council

Can you offer your experience and expertise to our Supplier Council? We're working together to achieve best practice in the supply chain and better service to our customers


Supplier Council workgroups 2018:

FWD’s Supplier Council groups are pushing forward with their work streams - if you wish to contribute your time and skills to developing a collaborative, efficient, and sustainable service to our 400,000 customer businesses, please join us.

WG 1: People


Recruit, train, incentivise and retain the best talents 

How we get there: 

Establishing Brand Wholesale – the compelling Why for new recruits

Best practice induction programmes including training and job placements


WG2: Standardisation


to establish agreed protocols for interactions between wholesalers and suppliers, to reduce the administrative burden on both sides and simplify ordering, delivery, New Line Forms and data sharing.

How we get there:

Comparison of existing models and anaysis of the barriers to standardisation.


If you would like to be a part of shaping the supply chain for the benefit of all stakeholders, you are invited to contribute your talents to the working groups. Applicants must work for FWD members or associate members and should be prepared to initiate ideas and take on responsibilities that help build valuable products that improve skills, efficiencies and communication in wholesale distribution. The chairs will select the members of their work groups. If you would like to be considered for a role on the Supplier Council, please let FWD know