How to influence caterers

Where do caterers look for advice, inspiration and ideas?

In January 2016 FWD surveyed the opinions of 400 foodservice operators supplied by our members. Many of the 330,000 smaller operators wholesalers and distributors work with are fully immersed in the day-to-day task of providing a service to their customers and rely on outside support to guide them on food trends, menu ideas, preparation tips and the legislation they need to comply with.

First we asked our caterers where they looked for help:


The prefered source of information and advice varied slightly depending on the type of business:


Caterers clearly enjoy a visit to Dr Google, so we asked what they were looking for when they seached online:


Menu inspiration and recipe advice seem to be the main target of internet searches, and that's backed up by the caterers' favourite Bookmarks:


But the overwhelming impression from our research is that caterers value their wholesaler as a first port of call for advice, information and support. That's further reinforced by their views on just how important it is to have personal contact with their supply chain partner:


And our conclusion? Maybe we're biased, but it looks to us like the best way to get your products and services into the heads and hands of thousands of foodservice operators is to work with FWD wholesalers to engage caterers through their most trusted source of advice.

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