Sunday coalition wins the day

Members of Parliament today reflected the public's support for small shops and shop workers by removing from the Enterprise Bill a proposal to allow local authorities to extend the opening hours of larger shops. FWD represents the food and drink wholesalers who supply and support over 72,000 retailers, many of whom would have been severely affected if the proposals had gone ahead.

FWD chief executive James Bielby said:

"Today’s decision demonstrates just how unpopular the proposed changes to Sunday trading hours are, with the public, with business, and with the Government’s own party. We are delighted to be part of the extensive coalition of retailers, shop workers and religious groups which has opposed what amounts to a personal crusade by the Chancellor to enforce a measure for which there is little evidence, little political will, and little public support.

"While thousands of small, local shops and their customers will breathe a sigh of relief today, we do not expect the proposals to be shelved indefinitely, and we must continue to show the Government that it is losing allies with its continued efforts to push through unwanted and unpopular changes."

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