A winning team at the home of English football

Will we still be in Europe at the end of next month? When FWD members and associates gather at the National Football Centre for their annual conference on June 30, the England team may still be in the European Championships, but the future of Britain’s membership of the European Union will have been decided.

Whether it’s In or Out, the FWD conference fields an experienced team of industry players to discuss Winning in Wholesale in the year ahead. The programme includes analysis of the political, economic and social changes that will have an impact on the sector, with implications for suppliers and wholesalers serving its vast customer base.

With an emphasis on the needs and expectations of the 400,000 retailers and foodservice operators supplied by FWD members, the event launches new research including HIM’s Wholesale Tracking Programme and FWD’s own survey of caterers, which reveals the extra help that schools, care homes, pubs and fast food operators want from their supply chain partners. New analysis of common failings in supply brings together the views of brand owners, wholesalers and end users to help each understand the aims and frustrations of the others.

Representatives of the FWD Council of Members take the stage to explain the evolution of their wholesale businesses in a changing trading environment, and the Supplier Council, a series of work groups involving stakeholders from throughout the industry, will report back on the results of its collaboration over the last year.

As always the event at St George’s Park, Burton-on-Trent is twinned with the Him Wholesale Awards and includes a drinks reception, dinner and accommodation in the delegate fee. Please contact Nikki@fwd-uk.com to reserve your place.


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