C-TALK – for retailers by retailers

C-Talk is delighted to support the FWD and its members.  C-Talk is the platform that bridges the gap between, wholesalers, brands and Independent Retailers through unique content and digital communication with 84% of all content viewed on mobile devices while behind the till or in the back office.

C-Talk is ran by retailers for retailers, and as such is embraced by the retail community.  It’s more that trade press, as well as bridging the gap and creating the pull for brands from wholesale and sharing brand news and NPD, it is also fun through retail related stories and memes, inspirational through great store tours and interviews.

C-Talk allows you to communicate directly to around 19,000 Independent retailers, but also can bring retailers to you in other ways through forums, competitions or just advice on how the market works.  When you think about Independent retailers think C-Talk.

www.c-talk.co.uk or info@c-talk.co.uk