Country Range boosts dessert selection

With summer approaching, Country Range has rolled out five brand new desserts to help caterers add sweet treats to their menus

Inspired from the latest global food trends, the buying group has added the five innovative and eye-catching desserts, all inspired by much-loved international classics but with a twist.

Country Range Group’s Head of Marketing Emma Holden said: “The dessert course is the final chance for caterers to impress their guests and leave a positive lasting memory but get it wrong and it can end up being the final straw of a meal out.

“Moreover, with the growing trend of dessert houses there is always an opportunity for an affordable coffee and cake! That’s why it’s imperative, especially in the spring and summer months, that caterers make sure their dessert menus hit all the right notes visually and flavour-wise.

“Our latest innovative launches come frozen for ease of use and are on point with the latest global dessert trends. They’re elegant, eye-catching and, most importantly, guaranteed to delight consumers from a taste point of view. We see them being huge crowd-pleasers over the spring and summer months.”

The five new additions are: Hummingbird Cake, Neapolitan Layer Gateau, White Chocolate and Raspberry Tart, Lemon and Blueberry Brulee Tart and Affogato Dessert.

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