Bidfood enhances customers’ online experience with Bidfood Direct

Bidfood has recently introduced a new companion products feature on their online shop, Bidfood Direct, presenting customers with products that are complementary to the ones they’re already browsing for.

Developed by their team of ecommerce experts, Bidfood Direct’s latest feature places the customer journey at the forefront, heightening their overall user experience while increasing efficiency online.

The companion feature gets to work as soon as the customer starts searching, informing them with a ‘You may also need…’ message alongside products. Once clicked, they will see up to four products that complement their chosen item. For example, if shopping for a coffee cup, they would see the lid and sleeve that fits that coffee cup as well as the cup carrier.

Bidfood’s telesales teams will also be able to view the companion products via their ordering platform allowing them to suggest and cross-sell complementary products with ease while taking orders over the phone.

Ian Moore, Strategy & Digital Director at Bidfood said, “We place the customer at the heart of everything we do at Bidfood. This new and exciting companion feature is not only a testament to how much we care about improving the customer journey, but to how much our dedicated ecommerce team are constantly developing and innovating our online platform.

“Online ordering is a key purchasing method for our customers and this feature is even accessible through the Bidfood Direct app. We’re constantly seeking to equip our customers with the right tools to keep their journey as streamlined as possible and make our customers’ lives easier”.

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