Who should be in our wholesale XI?

Celebrate the World Cup by taking part in our footie-themed challenge

With eyes around the world casting towards Russia for the start of the World Cup, we thought we’d get in on the footie action.

We’re putting together a Wholesale XI of footballers who have graced the globe’s top leagues and wanted you to be get involved by suggesting the names of players who should feature. And to add a special incentive to all pun masters out there, we’re going to show off the best puns in the next edition of Wholesale News (editor’s decision is final).

Send your ideas to us at wn@thebrightmediaagency.com and we’ll reveal the best entries after the final in July.

To get those creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with a few names to show you what you’re thinking – we’d like to apologise for Jermain Depot in advance!

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