Driving to a brighter future

Wholesaler announces fleet expansion with sales revving up

Abra Wholesale aims to mark itself out as kings of the road, thanks to the launch of its new liveried delivery vehicles.

The wholesaler, which is based in North London, sees the investment in the new fleet as a big commitment to further growth and has also announced an increase in its sales force.

The vehicles are state-of-the-art, low-emission compliant and are fitted with a direct vision system for “intense urban driving”.

News of the growth is the latest in a string of positive headlines coming out of Abra, with the wholesaler experiencing more than 60% sales growth through delivered, partly thanks to an ordering app and a series of digital sales campaigns.

Abra also offers a nationwide delivery service and with quick and easy customer registration, is committed to offering good availability and top service.

Managing Director Craig O’Connor said: “These are exciting times for Abra. This investment is substantial and is a statement of confidence in the market.

“We are determined to increase our reach beyond our natural catchment area through our delivered service. There is a demand for our no-nonsense value approach and we are acquiring new customers every week.”

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