“Vital” for wholesalers to change their habits

HIM research reveals drop in retailers using cash and carries for main shop

The traditional role of the cash and carry wholesaler is changing rapidly, with more retailers choosing delivered for the main shop instead.

The findings were revealed in exclusive research from insights agency, HIM, which found that a clear shift in retailers’ shopping behaviours was having an impact on how they use cash and carries, with the depot showing signs of being the location for a top-up shop rather than a large order.

Insight in HIM’s study showed that the percentage of retailers using delivered wholesale for their main shopping mission has risen by 22pp to 89% in the past year, with the top-up mission growing within cash and carry and the top-up mission overtaking the main shop as the second most popular mission in cash and carry.

HIM’s research also highlighted that the three main drivers that is encouraging retailers to favour delivered wholesale for larger orders are value for money, reliability and acceptable prices.

And HIM’s Research and Insights Director, Val Kirillovs, believes that the figures suggest that it’s time for wholesalers to act before being caught out.

“The cash and carry is a pivotal part of the wholesale channel, however there is a clear shift in the role that is plays,” said Kirilovs.

“More retailers are being driven to C&C on a top-up mission, so it’s vital that wholesalers adapt their approach to suit the mission. Wholesalers need to simplify their depot layout and use clear signage to ensure retailers can find the product they need quickly.”

HIM’s exclusive wholesale research was conducted after the agency carried out more than 6,000 interviews with retailers and foodservice operators across cash and carry, and delivered wholesalers, with the results benchmarking competitors in the wholesale channel across different categories, including missions, range, availability and website.

For more information and to find out how you can access the Wholesale Research, please get in touch with HIM at himshopper.com

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