Time to adapt, cash and carry is told

More and more retailers are opting for delivered wholesale, according to a new report from HIM

Up to 89% of retailers are now using delivered wholesale for their main route to market, a rise of 22% compared to the previous year, overtaking cash and carry for the first time.

Cash and carry wholesale has seen growth in retailers topping up, but according to HIM’s Wholesale Research, retailers are now turning to delivered wholesale for their main shop for three main reasons: value for money, reliability and acceptable prices.

“The cash and carry is a pivotal part of the wholesale channel,” said Val Kirillovs HIM’s Research & Insights Director. “However, there is a clear shift in its role. More retailers are being driven to C&C on top-up missions, so it is vital wholesalers adapt their approach to suit. Wholesalers need to simplify their depot layout, use clear signage to ensure retailers can find the product they need quickly.”

FWD’s David Visick agrees: “Rumours of the death of cash and carry have been greatly exaggerated. That’s not to say depots don’t need to change. Better displays, smaller depots, and designated areas for picking, trade and public use, will service the needs of ‘hybrid wholesalers’ in a multi-channel future.”

The insight from HIM’s exclusive Wholesale Research is made up of the findings of more than 6,000 interviews with retailers and foodservice operatives.

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