Price is not the driver for wholesale success, says report

Winning in Wholesale reveals brand owners should prioritise added value for success in out-of-home market

When it comes to brand success, price is not the biggest factor, according to the latest industry research.

A new report, Winning in Wholesale, has revealed that brand owners should prioritise added value over price if they want to achieve greater success in the out-of-home wholesale marketplace.

The overarching message was that value trumped price for wholesalers. Brands that offer support in terms of telesales engagement and training, as well as offering advice and inspiration to end-users saw more success in depots. Traditional ra-ra days were seen as massively influential at the point of purchase, and brands engaging in this manner were often more successful – and certainly less likely to be as challenged on pure price.

The report, commissioned by The Hub, surveyed buyers, development chefs, decision makers and marketing professionals across the wholesale sector to find out what they want and expect from branded suppliers in today’s challenging market conditions.

“Brands need to recognise what their wholesaler partners need in support, as well as driving value for end users,” said Rebecca Riches, founder and managing director of The Hub. “We know that every brand team is committed to the success of its brand – and this report is just one way we want to help bring the whole industry closer together for the benefit of everyone.”

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