Mondelez records progress against 2020 impact

Impact For Growth report shows company’s steps towards sustainability and wellbeing goals

The makers of Cadbury’s chocolate have reported progress in its pledge to support sustainable agriculture and reduce its environmental footprint.

Mondelez International’s Impact For Growth Progress Report highlights the company’s advances towards its 2020 impact goals, which also includes the global expansion of healthy lifestyle and nutrition programmes in at-risk communities around the world.

Among the key achievements Mondelez is celebrating are a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions from manufacturing, a 25% decrease in water usage at locations where water is most scarce, and the elimination of 53,500 metric tonnes of packaging – achieving 80% of our 2020 goal.

The report also illustrates how the company’s impact programmes align with and support the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

“Having a positive impact on our planet and the communities we do business in is core to who we are as a company,” said Mondelez’s Chairman and CEO, Dirk Van de Put.

“Today, we’re producing snacks more sustainably, with less energy, water and waste, and sourcing our key ingredients in ways that reduce deforestation in our supply chain. We’re empowering farmers and investing in community programmes that help improve the wellbeing of children and their families.”

Among further highlights in the report, Mondelez has increased the impact of Cocoa Life, the company’s sustainable cocoa-sourcing programme, so it reaches 120,500 farmers and 1,085 communities; while its wellbeing brands grew at twice the rate of the base portfolio.

To read more about Mondelez’s results and progress towards its goals, there’s an at-a-glance summary at or a full report available at

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