Voice direction takes Caterite up a notch

Improved warehouse technology is the key for Cumbrian wholesaler

Productivity has been on the rise at Caterite Food & Wineservice after it adopted a new voice-directed warehouse management system.

The Cumbrian wholesaler has been celebrating a faster, more accurate warehouse operation since taking on the cutting-edge technology in its depot, with a host of further benefits on top of simply efficient picking.

“The voice-directed warehouse management system has accelerated productivity and improved workflows across the business,” said Caterite Managing Director Lorcan Byrne.

“For example, it has eliminated duplication of effort and streamlined the handover process between the pick and the delivery teams. We now have faster on-time deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.”

Caterite’s new system, which was supplied by software company Sanderson, provides the wholesaler with real-time stock information and offers another layer of customer service.

For Martin Beatty, Sanderson’s Product Development Director for Wholesale Distribution Solutions, the success that Caterite is enjoying shows the benefit of embracing technology.

“It’s very encouraging to see more customers investing further in our specialist solutions – a testament to our software and expert in-house team,” said Beatty.

“It’s great to see Caterite using our software to its full potential and the voice-directed warehouse management system is helping the company deliver a superior service to their customers.”

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