Own-brand success

Fairway hitting the spot for members with growth of successful brand

Backing Fairway Foodservice’s own-brand has proved to be a recipe for success for its members, after they’ve seen sales sky rocket on the back of a menu of product launches.

With Fairway introducing a host of new products to the market over the past year – including coldwater prawns, sliced cooked meats and joints – the own-brand has triggered sales increased of more than 40% on some products.

And with more activity planned to promote the range in the coming months, such as Fairway’s second-ever own-brand trade show in November to show off range’s 570 products, there could be success on the horizon.

“The strength of our own-brand range is clear to see,” said Fairway’s Purchasing Director, Steve Jeavons. “Immediately after we add products to it, the volumes grow considerably compared to the same products supplied under alternative brands.

“We believe we have an unrivalled own-brand range and the message we receive from wholesalers and caterers is that they agree.”

One of the key areas that Fairway has tried to grow its own brand is by working closer with its members to understand where improvements can be made and how the business can provide even more support to drive further sales.

“We work closely with members to identify upcoming trends and provide the correct products and support to ensure they are in the best possible position to outperform their competitors,” Jeavons added.

“We see too many under-resourced brands where wholesalers pay a brand tax for very little benefit. For example, there is poor representation, minimal – if any – promotion and marketing support, lack of basic foodservice knowledge, and poor service.

“With our own-brand range we can control quality, consistency, and the supply chain to ensure it meets the high standards demanded by our members.”

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