Costco getting into the festive spirit

Premium Duerr’s advent calendar is exclusive in wholesaler’s depots nationwide

The run up to Christmas is going to be forever preserved in people’s memories, thanks to the launch of a premium advent calendar that will be exclusively stocked at Costco.

The Duerr’s calendar is packed with miniature traditional and spirit-infused jams and marmalades that will provide warming flavours over breakfast as the big day arrives.

Duerr’s is the UK’s oldest family-own preserves producer and has expertly made a collection of flavours that pair tasty fruits with gin, rum, vodka, amaretto, kirsch and malt whisky to treat jam lovers. And as a special surprise the main door of the advent calendar will reveal a 227g festive flavour to really get you in the, er, spirit.

The calendars will only be available in Costco and cost £12.50.

“When we were kids, there was nothing more exciting that opening up that little door every morning on the advent calendar in the build up to Christmas Day,” said Duerr’s Sales and Marketing Director, Richard Duerr.

“At Duerr’s we know that Christmas is about the little things that bring us together. We hope that everyone enjoys these preserves, some which have been blended from our favourite spirits and are ideal for a leisurely breakfast or an afternoon treat in front of a roaring fire.”


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