Have you read November’s Wholesale News?

Interviews galore as industry movers open up about their new roles

There’s no chance of the wholesale sector settling down, is there? Over the past few months, we’ve seen a raft of changes, with consolidations, mergers and retirements dominating the headlines.

That change has triggered a number of senior moves within the wholesale’s upper echelons, so this month we decided to turn our focus to meeting some of the key players starting in their new roles.

In this month’s issue, you can find interviews with Bestway’s Managing Director-in-waiting Dawood Pervez and a piece with the new management team at Sugro, which is being headed up by former Nisa CEO Neil Turton.

As ever, Wholesale News is free to subscribe to and is also available in our digital edition, so take a read whichever way suits you best. For now, here’s what’s in store:

Pervez’s plan for success

As Dawood Pervez prepares to become Bestway’s new managing director, he sits down with Wholesale News to explain his plans for the business’s future

Shake it up!

With consumers experimenting with new tastes and varieties of drinks, cocktails are mixing up the alcohol market. And with customers demanding more from their wholesalers, Diageo Bar Academy Trainer Rob Poulter reveals how a bit of knowledge can go a long way

New horizons

After a challenging year laced with uncertainty, Sugro made a big statement by hiring former Nisa CEO Neil Turton as its new managing director. Now, with a new team in place, things are looking up for the buying group

Choc’s not just for Christmas

When it comes to shifting confectionery, the festive period is traditionally a time when consumers are on the lookout for something sweet. But as Ferrero’s Head of Wholesale Jodie Wood explains, there are plenty of other opportunities coming up

Join the health club

No longer the pursuit of solely premium consumers, health is fast becoming one of the most important agendas for wholesaler to put at the top of their stocklists

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