The future’s vegan for Scottish wholesaler

New plant-based range to set to be a success north of the border

A Glasgow-based wholesaler has responded to the rising demand for vegan products by signing an exclusive agreement to distribute vegan-friendly products across Scotland and beyond.

More than 300 foodservice locations will benefit from the deal signed between Lomond: The Wholesale Food Co and Daring Foods. The wholesaler has signed the deal with a view to supplying more than 1,000 locations by the end of the year.

The plant-based range includes Moo-free burgers and Cluck-free fried burgers which are all meat, dairy and egg free. They also contain no palm oil, genetically modified organisms, hormones or antibiotics. The red meat, chicken and fish alternatives are made up of simple ingredients such as wheat protein, potato protein and a variety of spices.

“Caterers across all sectors are faced with increasing demand for products that fit vegan, religious or health constraints,” said Sam Henderson, Lomond’s managing director.

“By working in partnership with Daring Foods, we’re delighted to offer our customers a range of vegan products that taste fantastic and are guaranteed to delight consumers. We’re confident that sales of these products will rise dramatically throughout the year and beyond.”

Lomond vegan wholesaler