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Bestway Wholesale app “saving customers time”

Track My Order service being adopted by a growing number of customers

Bestway’s new Track My Order service is saving a growing number of Best-One and wholesale customers time, with more than a third of people surveyed already using the platform.

The cash and carry business launched its new app earlier this year and included the Track My Order option to track deliveries right from order and picking, through to dispatch and delivery – giving users achieve greater logistical efficiency when waiting for a delivery.

And when surveyed about the service, 35% of customers quizzed were already reporting that they are using it, with that number growing further all the time.

The approach means that Bestway’s service reflects the standards offered to consumers by leading retails brands and confirms a four-hour delivery window that reduces the amount of time customers could be waiting to receive their order.

Bestway’s Head of Marketing and Digital, Salih Sheikh, says the advanced was a natural progression and earmarks the wholesaler as a forward-thinking business that puts its customers first.

“This is a logical next step in our digital pathway that is the accepted way of doing business across retail and domestic markets – so why not wholesale?” Sheikh said.

“Our customers are at the forefront of what we do and using digital solutions to make their shopping experience easier is an important part of our digital strategy.

“Previously, customers had to call through to find out information about their order and sometimes substitutions would arrive without their prior knowledge, as is the case for many wholesale deliveries. Now customers have full visibility and transparency and can spend less time on the phone and less time waiting for their delivery.

“Offering a delivery window also means retailers can manage their staffing levels more effectively, as they can plan the time period in which an extra pair of hands will be needed. It is all part of ensuring our service promise remains fit for the future and leads in wholesale.”

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