App-y news for wholesalers

Apps are taking the wholesale sector by storm

Retailers spend more time on wholesale apps than they do on websites and spend more per transaction too. That’s according to research by HIM, which also found that the average order value via a wholesaler app is 18% higher and contains 18% more items than wholesaler websites.

Although widely speaking the popularity of apps isn’t exactly news, in the wholesale sector they are as Josh Clifton, Commercial Innovation Manager at HIM explains: “Business-to-consumer ordering apps have been around for some time, yet in a business-to-business capacity they are still relatively new. Growing usage shows that retailers truly recognise the value of wholesaler apps.

“However, many suppliers and wholesalers remain unaware of the true potential of business-to-consumer eCommerce, particularly when executed correctly.”

As is the case in all sectors, wholesale is constantly changing as Rob Mannion, Owner and Managing Director at RNF, says: “Since we launched the first industry ordering app in 2014, the sector has gone through significant change, with mobile becoming the fastest-growing sales channel in wholesale.”

Is there anything wholesalers or suppliers can do to stay ahead? “Suppliers need to work closely with wholesalers and invest in digital to ensure their brand is gaining maximum exposure and visability,” comments Josh Clifton.

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