Costco sets market alight with Firexo deal

Innovative extinguishers exclusively available from national wholesaler

Wholesale giant Costco is blazing a trail to become the first multinational seller to stock an innovative fire-extinguishing liquid.

The FWD member has agreed a deal with Firexo to carry its revolutionary extinguisher sachets that puts out all classes of fire using liquid, and claims to eliminate all confusion about the best method to use to fight different fires.

Costco is Firexo’s first major contract since its launch last November, making the wholesaler the go-to place for customers who have heard about the new technology.

“We’re extremely pleased to have partnered with such a major corporation like Costco as our first multi-retail customer,” said Firexo CEO, Dave Breith.

“The firefighting sector is a small, tightly knit, community, so getting your foot in the door can be difficult when competing with some of the more established businesses.

“But Costco has recognised what sets our products apart, and we are delighted that a retailer of its stature believes in the potential of our next level fire safety products.”

Firexo’s liquids are environmentally friendly and is made from natural ingredients, meaning its bio-degradable and isn’t toxic.

And Breith believes that Costco’s support will help to get the brand the reputation it deserves.

“Costco has an international and varied customer base that includes many of the sectors our products are perfect for, such as catering and retail, so we’re thrilled to have reached what is a pivotal milestone for the business,” he added.

“We’re really proud of how we are changing the firefighting landscape and how we have grown our presence in such a competitive industry – all in the first five months of launching. This new deal is a great moment for Firexo and we are genuinely delighted that our products will be protecting people from fire wherever they are.”

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