“No fall out” behind Confex breakaway

Buying group remain positive despite 20 members exiting to form new union

Confex Business Development Director Tom Gittins says that a new consortium set up by a group of 20 members was dealt with amicably.

Gittins says that Confex was informed about the new collective – which will be called the National Buying Consortium – on Monday 13 May and says that each of the members will now serve out a six-month notice period before the split comes in action.

National Buying Consortium is thought to be headed up by Lansdell Soft Drinks Director Stuart Lane and has decided to move away from Confex in order to negotiate their own deals with suppliers.

But Gittins says that the door is not closed for them to still work with Confex and hasn’t ruled out them continuing to spend with the group in the future.

“The members will still be welcome to trade with Confex if they agree to our terms,” said Gittins.

“We have another collective – the Convenience Group – that’s in our membership and they’re still involved for certain products. We don’t know if that’s how this new collective will work, but that setup is nothing new and we’re still seeing what will be retained and what won’t.

“There was no fall out and the new consortium has been set up amicably. We hope to continue to work together with all the members to develop our mutual business interests.”

The news comes on the back of a positive first half to 2019 for Confex that has already seen them add 19 new members to its ranks and hiring industry stalwart Martin Williams to become the company’s new chairman, while also adding business development managers Simon King and Matt Norman to the team.

Gittins added: “With Martin Williams and his connections, we’re bringing new members on board and have already made a strong start to 2019, so while it’s not ideal that these members are leaving, we’re still feeling positive.”

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