Make the most of Ramadan opportunity

Premier Foods teams up with East End Foods to provide insight into selling big during the religious festival

With only a few days left of Ramadan, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers across the nation are getting prepared for the last surge of purchases before the end of the Muslim festival.

It’s one of the key occasions of the year for some businesses – especially those serving communities with a high Muslim population – as the final leg of fasting ensues and preparations are made for the lavish celebration that follows.

But there’s more than simply stocking a wide range of products to making sure you’re prepared for key events such as Ramadan, with availability, promotion and communication all playing a part.

And that’s why Wholesale News teamed up with Premier Foods and East End Foods to produce a short video to give you some insight into how you should be preparing and what other opportunities there are on your calendar throughout the year.

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