What’s in June’s Wholesale News?

Get ready for FWD’s next generation conference with our companion edition

As the wholesale industry prepares to cast its mind towards the next decade and beyond with FWD’s annual conference, Wholesale News is offering up some additional analysis of its own.

Linked to the theme of the next generation, we’ve spent the past month exploring the talent, technology and trends that is likely to guide the sector over the coming years.

One of our lead features this month saw us meet three under-35s who are already making waves in their businesses. But rather than simply profiling their careers so far, we’ve asked them about motivates them, their values and where they see the sector moving.

This month’s meet the member feature takes us to Indus Foods and Amir Chaudhary, who tells us about his ambitions for the future – not just for his business, but also the entire industry. Chaudhary is also working with FWD to get more new talent taking wholesale jobs, so there’s plenty in there.

As always, we’ve also canvassed the conference’s sponsors to find out their views and we’ve also got a host of category insight too. Plus, a special guest column from industry favourite Martin Williams, who uses his experience to offer this thoughts on establishing a career in wholesale.

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Wholesale: The Next Generation

As the industry takes a voyage into the future thanks to FWD’s conference, Wholesale News catches up with a ew of the young up and comers already making waves.

All for one and one for all

That’s Amir Chaudhary’s motto as he aims to use his standing at Indus Foods to make the wholesale industry a better place for everybody – and that starts with giving youth a chance.

What’s going to happen next?

Sponsors of FWD’s conference tell us their thoughts on the trends, technology and talent the industry should be keeping an eye out for across the next decade

Energise your drinks offerings

As the entry drinks category adapts to changing consumer tastes, wholesalers need to stay alert to make sure they’re tapping into what the nation wants

Schedule big sales for year’s top events

A good calendar could make all the difference for wholesalers if they know how to use it, with several key occasions providing opportunities throughout the year

Are your profits on the rise?

From freshness and packaging, to adapting to the latest tastes, stocking bakery products in our channel is a challenge, but not one wholesalers can afford to ignore, according to the sector’s top suppliers

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