Savona takes Christmas online

Foodservice wholesaler’s festive range gets the digital treatment for the first time

Sleigh bells will be replaced with the sound of swiping thumbs after Savona Foodservice launched its Christmas range digitally for the first time ever.

The Country Range Group member is using its progressive web app to display its festive lines and offers customers online-ordering capability, while also giving them the chance to plan their Christmas menus digitally.

As well as detailing products from Savona’s two depots in Ilfracombe and Oxford, the app also provides instant access to product imagery and information on allergens, ingredients, nutrients, cooking and packaging.

Each of the products from suppliers registered with Erudus will display vital information on the product screen to make it easier for customers to find out what they need to know, while downloadable PDFs of full product specification are also available.

Savona isn’t turning its back on tradition though and is still printing a companion brochure for customers to work alongside the app, with all the products available to order online from 1 October.

“The new addition adds further benefit to our customers, who are already finding our online-ordering website hugely beneficial,” said Sales & Marketing Director, Kelly Williams. “Making the most of the various functions such as filtering by brand, category or allergen is saving them valuable time.”

Erudus Chief Operating Officer, Jon Shayler, is impressed with the app and is delighted to see wholesalers taking a more innovative approach to making sure customers have a one-stop shop for important product information.

“A forward-thinking e-commerce platform, feature rich, addressing many of the challenges specific to online ordering for wholesalers in the foodservice industry, something that hasn’t yet been tackled in the sector,” said Shayler.

“The Erudus Food Allergy Icons look fantastic on the product pages and really make the important information stand out on the page, saving customers even more time.”

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