Creed supports caterers with insight

Foodservice company partners to address key industry challenges

Supporting its busy catering customers, Creed Foodservice has partnered with a number of ‘thought leaders’ to provide insight and solutions to some of the industry’s key challenges.

The Creed Foodservice Thought Leadership Programme took place on 12 September and explored challenges such as allergens, recruitment, finance, cleaning and training as well as reducing sugar and plant-based eating. The foodservice wholesaler worked with HIT Training, Hillbrush, Allergy Action, Tonic Talent, The Coconut Tree and Hospitality Action as well as chef Jay Halford and Maple from Canada to provide invaluable insight for caterers.

This insight will be captured in a series of articles, all included within the exhibition guide and will appear later on the Creed Foodservice website and social media platforms.

“We’ve found that many of our customers, especially those working independently, do not always have access to the latest information or legislation changes affecting other aspects of their business,” said Victoria Mitchell, Marketing Controller, Creed Foodservice. “We have partnered with some well-known companies who have given us some of their industry knowledge and experience so we can support our customers by providing them with the latest insights”.

Creed Foodservice customers insight