Average spend at cash and carry wholesalers on the rise

Retailer spend per visit up 40% since 2018 and spend per visit from foodservice operators up 6%, according to new research

HIM’s UK Wholesale Market Report 2019 revealed that the average spend per visit by retailers at cash and carry wholesalers has risen from £858 in 2018 to £1,205 in 2019. This increase is driven by a reduction in the number of distress top-up missions and a rise in the number of main restock missions.

In comparison, cash and carry wholesalers have seen a more modest increase in average spend per visit from foodservice wholesalers, from £196 in 2018 to £207 in 2019. However, average spend per visit by foodservice operators through delivered wholesale has declined, from £643 in 2018 to £621 in 2019. For retailers, there has been a more modest increase, in comparison to C&C, from £2,955 to £3,170.

“A lot of attention is focused on the growth of delivered wholesale and the changing behaviours of retailers and foodservice operators, however our latest research paints an increasingly positive picture for the C&C channel,” said Blonnie Walsh, Senior Insights Manager at HIM & MCA Insight.

“Retailer and foodservice operator spend is considerably higher through delivered wholesaler, but the gap has closed year-on-year, highlighting the huge opportunity for wholesalers to drive incremental sales and footfall to their depots. The opportunity is particularly high for those wholesalers that offer both delivered and C&C as a route to market.”

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