Wholesalers gear up for 2020

Workshop focused on tackling marketing and digital goals equips wholesalers for the new year

Members of Fairway Foodservice are better equipped to tackle their marketing and digital goals for 2020 thanks to an interactive workshop.

The buying group held its inaugural ‘members marketing day’ to help wholesalers understand more about social media, website content, email campaign and search engine optimisation.

“It was a very useful day to sense-check where we are at with our own marketing and communications activity,” said Toby Jordan, Fairway’s Marketing Strategist. “It was also incredibly useful to get together with like-minded people and share stories and experiences about what has worked well.

“Our ethos at Fairway is to support our members wherever possible,” said Richard Ellison, marketing and events manager at Fairway Foodservice. “We know that digital marketing can be an area that either mystifies people, causes uncertainty, or a or a refresher is needed because it moves so quickly.“The feedback has been very positive and it’s going to be exciting to watch our members take their learnings back to the office and implement them for 2020.”

digital Fairway Foodservice marketing workshop