JJ Foodservice’s chippy conference a hit

Inaugural event highlights wholesaler’s support for sector diversity

Attendees to JJ Foodservice’s first ever Women in Fish and Chips conference were left inspired and empowered as teams broke down barriers at the event in Birmingham.

Employees from more than 50 shops based across the UK went to the event to see eight award-winning speakers share personal success stories, market trends and tips for staff retention.

A host of people of all genders and different stages of their careers attended the conference hosted at The Studio in Birmingham New Street, with many coming away motivated by what they saw.

“It can be isolating being in a senior position or running your own company,” said The Real Food Cafe joint-owner, Sarah Heward, who was voted the best speaker at the event after she shared a personal story of losing her husband and facing bankruptcy.

“It can be doubly isolating being a woman in business as females are still massively in the minority. Women empowering, inspiring and supporting each other will help change these statistics gradually.

“As a progressive industry, fish and chips should be a leading light when it comes to championing equality. Well done JJ Foodservice for putting this together.”

Heward’s business in Tyndrum in Scotland now has a £1.4 million turnover so her story really resonated with the audience, with seven other speakers also taking to the stand throughout the day too.

The event positions JJ Foodservice as a wholesaler that cares about the businesses and sectors they serve, and Head of Communications and event chair, Elit Rowland said they were happy with the day considering it was the first conference of its kind.

“It was a privilege to be able to bring together many the industry’s top female-owned shops in the first UK event of its kind,” added Rowland.

“All of the people who attended would like to attend more Women in Fish and Chips events in the future, so we will make it happen.”

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