Wholesalers offered free ordering apps

Mobile app provider RNF is offering foodservice wholesalers the chance to set up their own online-ordering service “within days” – all for free.

RNF already works with several large wholesalers in the market and is offering up the chance for others to take advantage of online-ordering apps as the strain of the coronavirus crisis continues to grow.

“It’s a free, wholesaler-branded, online-ordering capability and we can go live within days,” said Mannion. “There’s an absolutely huge surge in demand for digital solutions in this current climate.

“We can offer the core app ordering capabilities – unlimited lines, unlimited orders and unlimited categories – is all absolutely free. Wholesalers can then opt in to certain premium features within the app, such as in-app payment, in-app advertising and enabling barcode scanning.”

Mannion says the app can be used to support business-to-wholesale orders, but also straight to consumers – and he’s already seeing some RNF customers be creative in how they shift their stock.

“We work with one wholesaler who has set up a consumer-facing app to meet demand,” he said. “The wholesaler went into a shop and they’d sold out of pasta, whereas he knew he had 10 kilos of pasta in his warehouse, and put two and two together.

“They’re a hospitality-focused wholesaler and that business is struggling right now, so decided there was nothing stopping him selling out to residents in his area. That will be marketed to consumers and they’ll be able to process it and make payment in the app, then offering collection too.

“This is also useful if the telesales team isn’t able to function anymore because they can drive customers to the app to place their orders.”

Any wholesalers interested in talking to RNF about setting up an online-ordering app can contact Rob Mannion on rob.mannion@rnfdigital.com

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