New platform to transform wholesale ranges

Specialist wholesalers will have access to a raft of new products thanks to the launch of a new online platform.

Confex by GFG will provide the buying group’s members with a rapidly increasing range of frozen, chilled and ambient products – providing greater stocking opportunities for wholesalers’ customers struggling in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.

The service has no minimum order quantity and aims to provide Confex members with products they don’t ordinarily sell, such as licensed or frozen, in order to meet customer demand.

To add to the convenience, orders can be shipped in temperature-controlled boxes directly to customers, such as care homes, cafes, pubs, takeaways, shops, schools and hospitals.

“Confex members are always adapting to their customers’ needs and new growing categories, such as vegan, CBD, chilled, frozen and alcohol,” said Confex Senior Business Development Manager, Simon King.

“GFG offers a solution without the need to invest in expensive equipment, transport or challenging due-diligence procedures, such as AWRS.

“GFG can deliver direct to end users and retailers alike via drop shipment without the need to have AWRS or additional chilled and frozen storage.”

A variety of brands, such as Nairns, Chef’s Promise, and London and Scottish Distillery, are available to buy through GFG, benefiting suppliers with a wider potential audience.

“This new platform offers a huge opportunity for smaller and specialist wholesalers to access a wider range of products for their customers, which is invaluable at this time of uncertainty and concern,” said Stephen Briggs, Managing Director, GFG.

“It’s critical that customers have access to the products they need. This platform will allow Confex members and their customers access to suppliers without the large minimum order that usually requires significant investment.

“GFG offers wholesalers and their customers the chance to expand their range and trial products without risk, which is a business game changer.”

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