Don’t raise retail prices – Pervez

Dawood Pervez has threatened to freeze customers’ accounts if they’re caught profiteering amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Bestway Wholesale managing director offered a stark warning to the cash and carry giant’s retail customers not to attempt to make more money by breaking up multipacks to sell items individually for a higher price.

Pervez said any retail customers caught inflating prices would have their accounts put on stop and all credit facilities withdrawn, while best-one fascia stores may risk losing their fascia.

“We’ve become aware of some retailers trying to profiteer by putting prices up where stock is short and this is very damaging for the reputation of to the industry at large,” said Pervez.

“Subsequently, we have put strict measures in place to warn our retailers against this practise.

“We have a stock control team working around the clock to ensure our depots are replenished and stock is arriving all the time. Therefore, retailers can continue to use our depots to top-up and they should ensure availability by reducing the number of products consumers can buy, rather than by putting prices up.

“We ask all retailers to not break multipacks and to stick to price marks, which give consumers confidence in the price being charged. The loyalty independent retailers can build during this time will stretch far beyond the end of the Coronavirus crisis.”

Despite his strong words, Pervez was effusive with praise for the vast majority of the retail customers Bestway has been supplying as they continue to support their communities.

“Since the start of this outbreak of COVID-19, independent retailers have provided a vital lifeline to local communities,” he added.

“Many retailers are going the extra mile to provide delivery services to people in isolation and freebies such as coffee to frontline workers, including NHS staff.

“We’re very proud to be part of this industry, especially after the government announced it would recognise those involved in food distribution, sale and delivery as key workers, as local communities depend upon local independent stores and pharmacies, including Bestway’s Well Pharmacy business, now more than ever for essential supplies.”

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