Wholesaler publicly asks for supplier support

United Wholesale (Scotland) has put out an open letter to its suppliers asking for their continued support during the coronavirus pandemic.

The letter from Chief Executive Asim Sarwar, which was also shared on United Wholesale’s LinkedIn page, lays out the key role the Scottish convenience channel has played in keeping the nation fed since the Covid-19 outbreak and that it counts upon the supply chain to maintain that.

Sarwar writes in his letter that while “much attention has been focused on the big supermarkets and the role they have to play”, convenience stores are playing just as an integral role due to their locations in communities and the personal support shopkeepers offer.

The letter comes as retail wholesalers attempt to keep a steady flow of availability through their cash and carries, with the concern that suppliers will favour the multiples over independents if there are stock shortages further up the supply chain.

Sarwar’s letter writes: “Convenience stores have been providing a consistent supply of essential groceries and other products. Using a convenience store means that consumers do not have to travel far and access to a one-stop shop for vital services.

“Convenience retailers have been staying calm, encouraging the community not to panic and are continuing to treat customers as important people with individual needs.

“We need your support to ensure that United Wholesale (Scotland) Ltd is prioritised with the supply chain of your business. As the biggest wholesaler in Scotland, we need your help to support the convenience channel and it’s imperative we get supply of stock.

“Most of our stores are based in the community and they are vital for servicing these local, rural and urban communities.”

The letter was also sent with a presentation Sarwar has put together to highlight the importance of supporting United Wholesale (Scotland).

The wholesaler has been active since the coronavirus outbreak, using its digital channels to share important safety messages about social distancing and promoting the need for responsible retailing to deter customers from putting up prices, as well as donating goods and money to community projects throughout Scotland.

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