Key coronavirus lines still in high demand

There’s no sign of demand dropping for certain products in the UK during the coronavirus outbreak.

The boom in sales of toilet tissue, soaps, antiseptics and facial tissue show no sign of slowing according to data gathered by SalesOut’s OneView tool.

In fact, the drop shown in sales of sanitisers and wipes are being put down to lack of availability rather than consumers wanting any of these products any less.

Data collated by SalesOut displays unprecedented demand for key lines because of the Covid-19 pandemic, with steep jumps at the beginning of March showing the impact news headlines are having on sales.

While the initial volatility and escalating restrictions caused by the virus appear to be behind the UK, it’s expected that further spikes in sales could come as we approach the peak of the crisis.

The insight will help suppliers and wholesalers to get a handle on what’s going on and the products they should be prioritising as the uncertainty continues.

OneView tracks the fortunes of each product from its SKUs and analyses how sales are faring against key competition, providing an important tool to understand the direction of sales.

The latest weekly read suggests baby product sales were the most in-demand lines.

OneView’s subcategory analysis (first three weeks of March)

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