JJ Foodservice launches same-day service

Londoners urgently wanting to get their hands on goods during the coronavirus crisis can now get rely on JJ Foodservice to get orders to them even quicker.

That’s because the foodservice wholesaler has launched a same-day delivery service for household essentials in the capital.

At a time when some supermarkets are struggling to deal with demand and saying most food needs to be purchased in store, JJ hopes the service will give them an edge when recruiting new customers for their consumer-facing delivery offerings.

“In addition to our next day delivery service, we’re now excited to launch a same day service,” said Head of Operations, Sedat Kaan Hendekli.

“Orders placed between midnight and 11am, Monday to Friday, from our Enfield, Dagenham and Sidcup branches will be received on the same day. It’s the fastest we’ve ever delivered.

“Some supermarkets can only fulfil 10% of orders – we can fulfil 100% and now we can do it in record time.”

The same-day delivery service is the latest in a long line of initiatives JJ Foodservice has launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which put pay to a significant proportion of the wholesaler’s business with restaurants and schools closing.

As part of this, JJ’s Household Essentials range was launched to provide smaller packs of fresh fruit and veg, and meat that’s more suitable for the public.

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