Wholesale and Covid-19: Lockdown and the next six months

On 13 May 2020, FWD held an exclusive online event for wholesalers and suppliers to discuss the big issues around Covid-19.

The hour-long event was for FWD members and brought together more than 130 industry figures – such as Bestway Wholesale Managing Director and Unitas’s Darren Goldney – to talk about the impact the outbreak is having on the sector and provide advice on dealing with it.

The highlights from the discussions are below, with a series of audio clips recapping on the biggest issues the wholesale industry faced on the way into lockdown and the challenges they expect to contend with in the next six months.

Part One – Into Lockdown

The questions and the person answering them are:

  1. What effect has the closure of customers had on foodservice wholesalers? Gary Mullineux, Managing Director, Caterforce
  2. What impact has the closure of customers had on foodservice wholesalers? Darren Goldney, Managing Director, Unitas
  3. How have foodservice wholesalers adapted to losing customers? Gary Mullineux, Managing Director, Caterforce
  4. How have retailers fared over the lockdown period? Kirsty Harris-Clarke, Managing Director, SalesOut
  5. How have convenience stores responded to social distancing measures? Dawood Pervez, Managing Director, Bestway
  6. Do you think suppliers have been fair in the allocations? Darren Goldney, Managing Director, Unitas

Part Two – Out of Lockdown

The questions and the person answering them are:

  1. Will convenience stores be permanently changed by the events? Clare Bocking, Chief Commercial Officer, DCS
  2. How do on-trade wholesalers rebuild? Darren Goldney, Managing Director, Unitas
  3. How will the convenience sector evolve as we come out of lockdown? Dawood Pervez, Managing Director, Bestway
  4. What can suppliers do to help the transition to the new normal? Dawood Pervez, Managing Director, Bestway
  5. What are challenges for hospitality businesses and priorities as they reopen? Fiona Speakman, Client Director, CGA

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