Brakes care homes menus to “boost morale”

Care home residents struggling through the Covid-19 outbreak will receive a welcome boost, thanks to a new health and wellbeing initiative launched by Brakes.

The foodservice wholesaler is aiming to boost morale in the sector by helping homes by giving them a series of themed menus and events to provide some fun and excitement during this difficult time.

Inspired by the success of their VE Day initiative, Brakes has created packs for themed days – including Indian, American and French – and consists of recipes, product guides and colouring-in sketches. All of the information is available on the Brakes website.

The next event is due to take place is a National Cupcake Day on 18 June, which is raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society, with care home caterers able to get a free cupcake POS kit.

Brakes has been at the forefront of the coronavirus support effort for vulnerable people by carrying out Defra deliveries, so this latest plan is another way they’re doing their bit during the crisis.

“We wanted to ensure that the needs of staff and residents at care homes were met,” said Brakes’ Head of Customer Marketing, Cathy Amos.

“Many care homes had never worked with a foodservice company before this crisis, buying instead from a local retailer or cash and carry, so we felt it was important to ensure the process was kept simple.

“But we also knew that it was critical to reassure existing and new customers that as a large business with a robust and secure supply chain, we were able to provide continuity of supply and deliver the right services and solutions.

“And that extended beyond the delivery of food. For example, we added more recipe ideas to our website, and we suggested simplified menus in case there were different staff working in the kitchen.”

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