Women in Wholesale: Take Control… of your resilience

If there’s one thing we’ve needed more than ever in the current climate, it’s resilience.

If dealing with the biggest health crisis in decades isn’t enough for us to deal with, the economic and social impacts that have occurred as a result has us all on edge.

So Women in Wholesale’s first webinar of the Take Control series was just the tonic we all needed, as resilience expert Caroline Dakin walked us through how to ride the so-called corona-coaster we’re living right now.

With some helpful tips, advice and interactive tests, the session encourages everyone to consider how they deal with setbacks – particularly ones in recent months – and what we can do to help ourselves improve with how we tackle them.

More than 50 attendees joined the live event on Tuesday 9 June, with the second webinar in the series set to be announced across Women in Wholesale and Wholesale News’s channels next week.

During the webinar, attendees were asked if they felt resilience was more important than ever before, with 83% of people agreeing. So with that in mind, sit down, grab yourself a cuppa and give the resilience webinar a watch.

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