Women in Wholesale: Take Control… of Your Emotional Regulation

The focus on mental wellbeing has rapidly increased in recent years and it’s come into an even sharper view as we deal with the coronavirus crisis.

With most of us either working from home or furloughed, worrying about the future and short-term health risks, it’s a time when keeping our emotions in check and managing our anxiety levels is crucial to feeling good.

So, in Women in Wholesale’s latest Take Control webinar, neuroleadership practitioner, executive coach and business performance consultant Marina Dieck takes some time to explain why we feel like we do and provides helpful advice on dealing with what we’re contending currently.

Dieck’s fascinating session shows the factors that can trigger us in times of high stress, then presents a whistle-stop tour through the eight behaviours and techniques best used to regulating emotion: labelling, breathing, mind the gap, journaling, mindfulness, control, contingency planning and using a recharge toolkit.

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