Women in Wholesale’s engagement webinar: What we learned

Communicating effectively has never been more important than it has been during the coronavirus pandemic – and will continue to be as we emerge out of it.

Whether it’s speaking to your team internally, communicating in a bigger business or displaying your brand in the best light, the need to clearly convey your message and make sure people are listening is crucial right now.

That was the premise of Women in Wholesale’s latest webinar, Take Control of your Engagement, which was hosted by Hanover Communications‘ Corporate and Brand Communications Managing Director, Gavin Megaw.

Megaw provides strategic communications advice to business leaders, including public relations, crisis communications, issues and change management, and media training, and provided a whistle-stop tour of the key points to help you and your brand achieve better engagement. Here is what we learned:

– Use “grabbers” to make sure you have people’s attention. By starting with a statement that will spike the interest of your audience, you can ensure they’re listening to your message from the beginning and bringing them to your point.

– Go into any verbal communication – whether it’s a one-to-one meeting, group presentation or a public speech – by preparing for possible questions you’re likely to receive and the message you want to convey. By spending time doing this beforehand, you can focus on the best answer to communicate this.

– Consider your tone and body language when communicating verbally. While control is key, do mix up how you’re speaking in order to bring your message to life and ensuring people continue to listen to you. Add emphasis to key words or phrases for extra engagement.

– Every piece of content has to be clear, concise and compelling. Deliver that message with the right tone and body language and a high level of engagement will follow.

A recording of Megaw’s webinar is available on request by emailing either chris@thebrightmediaagency.com.

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