Women in Wholesale: Take Control of Your Confidence

Having confidence in your own ability is so important in life – especially in the workplace.

Whether it’s trusting yourself to complete a task or believing you can make a change, not having faith in what you do can creates a huge boundary to your success.

So understanding how you can make yourself feel in prime condition for the task at hand is a skill that can help in several situations, which is why Women in Wholesale’s latest webinar is a must watch.

Presented by DCS’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Craig McCulloch, the webinar will run through how important confidence is and tips to build up yours – even when you’re feeling a bit low.

The free webinar will be an hour long and held on Thursday 6 August, with the registration open to sign up now.

By the end of the webinar, listeners will have all the tools to remain positive, stay confident even when they face setbacks and techniques to manage their confidence levels.

The webinar is the latest in a summer-long Take Control series, exclusively hosted on Wholesale News, in which Women in Wholesale aims to provide helpful guidance to deal with challenges in the workplace and the current Covid-19 crisis. You can register for free at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FLronLaTQBauSBKosHPloA 

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