JJ Foodservice drivers avert high-speed crash

Two quick-thinking wholesale delivery drivers showed rapid reactions to avert a high-speed crash.

The JJ Foodservice duo were on the way to a home delivery in Leicester when they saw a driver’s front wheel come detached, leaving the vehicle careering towards the fast lane.

Drivers Daniel Samoluk and Florin Wolf spotted the danger as the three-wheel vehicle lost control and slowed to avoid a crash, before blocking the lane to make sure the driver was safe.

The daughter of the motorist put out a Facebook message to find the drivers and thank them for their bravery.

JJ Foodservice, CEO, Mustafa Kiamil, said: “We’re so proud of our drivers – Florin and Daniel are a great demonstration of the first-class service we always strive for at JJ Foodservice.”

The JJ Foodservice drivers were on the road after the wholesaler launched a new range to offer even more as part of its straight-to-consumer services.

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