Complimentary access to Nielsen Brandbank product content

The requirements of the wholesale and foodservice industry have evolved in recent years and this need for change has been accelerated by Covid-19.

This has led to wholesale and foodservice businesses needing to review the availability and quality of their product content online and, in some instances, have an online presence for the first time. 

The need to pivot business models to e-commerce for both B2B and B2B2C platforms is essential to ensure they can still operate under the “new normal” we are all experiencing. For many, the impact of Covid-19 will change the way businesses operate forever and as global leaders in digital product content, Nielsen Brandbank have been evaluating ways in which they can support the wholesale industry and their clients during these challenging times and into the future. 

With access to more than 500,000 products in the UK and Ireland, wholesalers and foodservice businesses who are yet to work with Nielsen Brandbank will be able to sign up to a full, complimentary licence to the Product Library. As part of this, wholesalers will have complimentary access to supplier validated, EU1169 compliant product content for 12 months – subject to signing a short form licence. There is also an opportunity to discuss the options for automatic distribution of product content via API to save wholesalers time and resources in publishing product content on their ecommerce platforms.  

Resultantly, this means that wholesalers will no longer have to rely on various third parties to access and/or receive supplier validated product content from Nielsen Brandbank’s database, nor will they have to use precious time and resource in aggregating their own imagery and data for their product range from suppliers, enabling them to focus on other key areas within their businesses. 

This direct partnership gives Nielsen Brandbank and the UKs wholesale and foodservice businesses the ability to have a direct relationship with one another, thus enabling Nielsen Brandbank to focus and provide product content, services and solutions in a bespoke package to the requirements of each wholesale and foodservice partner.  

Oliver Best, National Wholesale Account Manager at Nielsen Brandbank said: “With the changes we have seen happening within the industry and the accelerated importance of B2B and B2B2C e-commerce driven by Covid-19, we believe that access to high quality, supplier validated product content is key for the industry to come through this difficult period and continue to trade successfully in the “new normal”. 

“By providing 12 months complimentary access to all wholesale and foodservice businesses that do not currently contract with Nielsen Brandbank, we believe that this will give everyone the opportunity to grow or create their e-commerce platform and establish their businesses in the wholesale e-commerce channel. By engaging directly with wholesale and foodservice clients, we can ensure they fully benefit from the complete suite of services we provide to over 260+ retailers/wholesalers and 7000+ manufacturers, globally.”

To register your interest, please head to or contact Nielsen Brandbank by emailing or by phone on 0330 555 33 44

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