JJ Foodservice fuel need to clean

Halting the spread of germs has just become a lot better value, thanks to a new range launched by JJ Foodservice.

The foodservice wholesaler has unveiled a number of own-brand hygiene products to help customers clean up, with some products listed at less than £1 per item for a limited time.

With such a big focus on keeping premises and homes clean currently with the threat of a second peak in coronavirus cases on the horizon according to scientists, the range is right on trend.

“Whether you’re at home or at work, using quality cleaning products can help to stop the spread of germs, including coronavirus,” said Sezer Ozkul, JJ’s Chief Product Officer.

The newly launched own-brand range includes floor cleaner, anti-bacterial hand wash, anti-bacterial kitchen spray, and window and glass cleaner spray.

All of the products are available at a special price point until 30 September, with the handwash and window spray on sale for less than £1.

Alongside this, JJ is also offering individual packs of branded hygiene products, including Fairy, Ariel, Persil and Lenor, as well as Dettol surface cleaner.

The full range is available to buy now on the JJ Foodservice website.

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