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Bestway website investment to “enhance conversion”

Customers will now get an even better experience when visiting Bestway’s website after the wholesaler unveiled its latest upgrade.

The cash and carry giant has invested in innovative new functionality called Taggstar, a tool used for social-proof messaging that helps to enhance conversion and improve search on the site.

The development is the latest in an array of technological advancements planned at Bestway in the coming months.

“This is just one of the many tools we’re looking to bring on board to drive the digital experience further in line with our customers changing buying needs and as smart technology advancement develops making engagement easier, more personal to the user, and more commonplace in day-to-day trading,” said Bestway Wholesale Managing Director Dawood Pervez.

“Benefits of the new digital feature include increased conversion rates and revenue through recreating the social buzz and personal interaction of the physical store.

“We’re at an early stage of testing but so far, we’re deeply encouraged by early adoption and indicators are that increasing numbers of customers are staying with the digital journey and enjoying a positive online experience that is building on confidence and outcomes.

“We know how important social proofing is to our retailers and initial feedback is 100% positive. Customers are receiving insights into each category as they shop, which is influencing and informing their purchase decisions.”

The most recent addition to Bestway’s site also allows customers to choose alternative SKUs easily when others are out of stock or to get an email notification when the product becomes available again.

“Technology is evolving at a rapid rate,” Pervez added. “We’re committed to ensuring our business is leading the way across digital strategies that improve and enhance our customers’ experience, and place us at the forefront of digital excellence.”

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