NBC management team

New management team at National Buying Consortium

Jason Langmead has been appointed as the new chairman of the National Buying Consortium (NBC) following a shake up of the business’s board.

Langmead replaces NBC’s outgoing chairman, Stuart Lane, who took the position upon the group’s formation in 2019 after a breakaway of wholesalers from fellow buying group, Confex.

Langmead had previously been working as vice chairman, with his previous role filled by David Longfellow from NBC member JL Brooks.

“We must first say a big thank you to Stuart Lane, our inaugural chairman, for his help, assistance and leadership in the formative years of the group,” said an NBC statement.

“Jason [Langmead] has over 35 year of trade experience in the FMCG market and has forged many solid relationships with suppliers and customers.

“His passion for the wholesale trade and his desire to succeed have helped him to establish [his business] VWT as the leading wholesaler and distributor in the Channel Islands.”

New vice chairman Longfellow is also an experienced addition, having worked in FMCG for more than 25 years and 15 years in wholesale with JL Brooks in Leeds, which is soon to celebrate its centenary.

The statement added: “Together with the existing team, we’re confident the board of directors can provide the necessary stewardship for the group and ensure we continue to offer a forward-thinking and unified wholesale solution to the UK market.”

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