Big Brakes campaign to support “crucial” hospitality sector

Brakes is launching a new campaign targeted at getting hospitality businesses back on their feet.

Among a host of targets initiatives, the foodservice wholesaler is offering more than 3,500 price cuts, a cashback-style rewards scheme and support for industry charities.

The plan is to get hospitality customers back on their feet as they work towards the Covid reopening plan in the coming weeks and is backed up by extensive research into what matters most to the sector.

“Hospitality is a crucial component of the UK economy and a beloved part of life in Britain that has been dearly missed while closed during lockdown,” said Commercial Director Paul Nieduszynski.

“With the market on the cusp of reopening, the coming weeks will be a critical moment, as outlets up and down the country prepare to welcome customers back, after one of the most difficult periods in our history.

“The team at Brakes felt strongly that we had to play our part, by providing help for the UK hospitality industry. That’s why we’ve invested millions in this campaign, so we can offer help right where it’s needed. Our aim is to put pounds back in the pockets of publicans, restaurateurs or any business that serves food.”

Brakes’ research suggests customers rank saving money, having reliable service and product availability, and quality as the biggest factors for them.

With that in mind, Brakes is offering 10% cash back on key categories, including chilled meat and poultry, fresh produce, wine and champagne, and catering supplies and equipment – and customers can choose to have that in the form of future savings or vouchers to be used in the business or to reward staff.

Cashback can also used to support one of several industry charities.

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